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Bonding with Your Pet Piglet

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Check it out!!! We’ve made a quick list of ways to enhance you and your pig's life together. These bonding tips are the best way to strengthen your relationship with your new teacup piglet.

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Why is Bonding with Your Teacup Piggy Important?

Piglets are naturally shy, so it is key to build trust with them. In nature they are prey, so it takes time for them to adjust and warm up to their new environment and caretaker.

Things You Can Do to Bond with Your Piglet

Did you know pigs are some of the smartest animals in the world? Their higher intelligence makes them very social and more aware than most animals. This makes them cuddly like a kitten and loyal as dog!

Things You Can Do to Bond with Your Teacup Piglet:

•Wrap them in soft blankets

•Buy puppy stairs so they can snuggle with you whenever

•Hold them frequently

•Rub the side of their bellies to make them tip over

•Start harness training immediately

•Take them on walks

•Take them with you everywhere you go (and feel like a celebrity)

•Give them praise and treats regularly

•Sleep with them in your bed

How Long Does it take to Bond with Your Piglet?

The length of the bonding process depends on the piglet, each piggy has a different personality. Another important factor is the home environment. A calm loving environment is best for piggies to feel comfortable. The amount of time the caregiver spends with the new piggy is also very impactful on the relationship. Spending time together is the best way for your piggy to get to know you. For most piggies, they will be total snugglers within 1 to 2 weeks. Luckily, pigs are very social so once you both are bonded your little piggy will be with you everywhere you go!

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