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 Teacup piglet for sale north carolina

All of the piglets born on our acreage are loved from day one. They are nurtured indoors until they are strong and spry, and once they are weaned they are ready to share that love with a new home. This is a photo is of a three day old piglet named Coral; he is one of the babies that touched my heart in a special way, and I just knew I had to keep him! He is pampered to the max, and is one of the precious piggies you will meet when you come to purchase one for your own. He is 8 months old now and weighs only 12 pounds, and has an expected mature weight of under 30 pounds. Though not all of our piglets will be as small as Coral, there are many like him, and many more that are sweet as can be. Our largest breeding mother pig weighs under 50 pounds, and our largest breeding male weighs under 45 pounds, so all of our babies are expected to have a mature weight of 40 lbs or less. 

worlds smallest pig​

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teacup piglet for sale south carolina

teacup pig for sale north carolina

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Our mission is to offer the smallest micro pig pet services for  you and your loved ones. We take pride in giving 100% satisfaction to all of our customers. 

Our Mission

Who doesn't dream of owning a micro pig?! Well... not I. Growing up in the city but always wanting to live the simple life. That's where it all began for me. My pigs have become my life now! This is why we strive to provide the best micro pig pet services for you and your loved ones. My name is Nicole Kinnison, breeder and owner of Piggy Pet Shop. Where we offer the most luxurious piggy pet services on the planet! May your piggy bring you a long life of love and happiness! 

Our Story



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