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Our Parents

We welcome you to meet our piggy parents! We hand raise all of our lovely piggy parents in our shop and they are all here to greet you when you arrive. To assure the size of our piglets we only breed pure bred Juliana piggies that weigh 25 lbs to 55 lbs fully grown. Our parents have very gentle, sweet loving personalities and do wonderfully with kids and other animals. Each of our piggy parents are loved daily and can't wait to share that love back! 

*Note: Our piggy parents are comparable to a pug or french bulldog in size.



Female 3/23/2018

Rufus is a Chipmunk Juliana piggy. She is super spoiled and loves to snuggle with our other teacup animals. She weighs 37 lbs with a full belly!

Captain Pickles

Male 6/18/2018

Captain Pickles is a descendant from our original father Coral. He is a runt from one of our smallest litters. He weights 26 lbs. His runt gene optimizes our piglets size estimate to be 20 lbs to 40lbs or less fully grown.





Female 12/19/2019

Opal is very sweet and has very tiny little babies! She also enjoys playing out in the acreage with the other piggies. She weighs 43 lbs with a full belly. 


Phoebe is pampered to the max! She is very laid back and spends most of her day lounging. She weighs 46 lbs with a full belly. 

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