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True micro size piglets we breed will weigh 20 to 40 lbs or less full grown. This weight is still extremely rare for most fully mature pigs, so we may only have a handful of micro sized piglets available at any given moment. We also provide hand delivery and special orders upon request. For example, if you've always dreamed of having a dalmatian Juliana or a red Potbelly piglet, we can contact you when one is born so you can be the first to reserve them. 

Click on the list below to learn more about some of the breeds we carry:

worlds smallest pig​

teacup pig for sale georgia

teacup piglet for sale south carolina

teacup pig for sale north carolina

teacup pig for sale nc

Due to the delicate nature of our micro piggies, we do NOT offer shipping of any kind. However, hand delivery is an option for those who desire it. We can hand deliver piglets to every state within the U.S.  The piglet will be accompanied by a professional caregiver throughout its travels and will be delivered to you with the upmost care. The fee associated with the delivery depends on the location it must be delivered to. The minimum charge is $150 for a local delivery, and up to $300 or more for cross country delivery. This price does not include the round trip airfare, which is to be provided by the purchaser of the piglet. If you would like more information on our hand delivery service, please call 864-714-7740

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